Affirmative action in higher education essay

To hire faculty on any other basis is leading to the destruction of their own reputation and the quality of the product. But he does say that Michigan's undergraduate admissions policy which assigns points to applicants based on a wide variety of factors including GPA, SAT scores, demonstrated leadership, legacy status and race, is effectively a racial quota and is impermissible because Michigan has not tried race-neutral alternatives.

Affirmative Action in Higher Education&nbspTerm Paper

But, my thesis is, however tragic the situation may be and we may disagree on just how tragic it isone policy is not a legitimate part of the solution and that is reverse, unjust discrimination against young white males. The executive order requires government contractors to "take affirmative action" toward prospective minority employees in all aspects of hiring and employment.

Supreme Court ruled, 6 to 2, in April in Schuette v. Opponents of affirmative action are hung up on a distinction that seems more profoundly irrelevant: To mention one additional example in the financial assistance area, some law schools permit students to apply for a LSAC DiscoverLaw.

Since I do not deserve my two good eyes or two good kidneys, the social engineers may take one of each from me to give to those needing an eye or a kidney - even if they have damaged their organs by their own voluntary actions; Since no one deserves anything, we do not deserve pay for our labors or praise for a job well done or first prize in the race we win.

University of Michigan political scientist and economist Scott E. However, the future of affirmative action in college and university admissions continues to be debated.

Several conspicuous examples come quickly to mind. The brief asserts that diversity in higher education is so vital to the companies' efforts "to hire and maintain a diverse workforce" and to employ people "who have been educated in a diverse environment" that the government has a compelling interest in allowing public colleges to continue using affirmative action in admissions.

Affirmative Action and the Crisis in Higher Education

One of the most common of these justifications is that affirmative action programs amend the negative effects of past discrimination by providing equal chances and opportunities to minorities. Affirmative action policies often focus on employment and education. But no one has earned or deserves his intelligence, talent, education or cultural values which produce superior qualifications.

On the other hand, if the Black policeman, though lacking formal skills of the White policeman, really is able to do a better job in the Black community, this might constitute a case of merit, not Affirmative Action. Supporters of affirmative action make the following arguments: Affirmative action policies lower standards and make students less accountable.

This seems unfair to the Greens. I knew a brilliant philosopher, with outstanding publications in first level journals, who was having difficulty getting a tenure-track position. Certainly affirmative action opponents think the diversity-word opens a Pandora's box of racial and ethnic gerrymandering.

The explanation for the conspiracy of silence about affirmative action is easy to identify: Rather, given the impossibility of determining what level of representation Blacks would have achieved were it not for racial discrimination, the assumption of proportional representation is the only fair assumption to make.

We will have to wait and see what the Supreme Court does about it. By Weak Affirmative Action I mean policies that will increase the opportunities of disadvantaged people to attain social goods and offices. Generally, individuals with higher socioeconomic status have more opportunities than those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

But now enters AA. The segregated program was discontinued only after a brave minority student objected to it on both legal and moral grounds. Yet the students from such backgrounds who are admitted to top universities have excelled and shown signs of academic promise despite such obstacles, which illuminates their future potential.

Females out perform males in reading comprehension, perceptual speed, and associative memory ratios of 1. Although UConn told Swanigan, who is biracial, that she had received a merit-based scholarship, it had actually changed her award to one in a less prestigious and largely segregated scholarship program intended to increase diversity.

Affirmative action in higher education has been the topic of heated discussions; for the reasons of continuing the tradition or completely eliminating it. The breakthrough of affirmative action in higher education kicked off with the U.S. Supreme Court decision, Brown v.

Lisa M. Rudgers and Julie A.

Affirmative action in higher education essay

Peterson led communications during the University of Michigan’s defense of affirmative action in the Gratz and Grutter cases. They are co-founders of Peterson Rudgers Group, a higher education strategy and branding firm. Affirmative Action in Higher Education Affirmative action should not be aloud in public education.

Admission into higher education facilities should be based upon an individuals academic performance, not on race or gender. At certain colleges, a high percentage of undergraduate admission decisions are based upon race. Free Essay: Affirmative Action and Higher Education Two people stand in a room looking at a vibrant painting and receive a totally different image.

This is. Affirmative Action and the Crisis in Higher Education.

The Attack on Affirmative Action Is Simple and Powerful -- and Wrong

Bluntly stated, there is systematic discrimination in all three categories of affirmative action in higher education: admissions. Affirmative Action is used in most college and university admission policies all over the United States. Policies state, Affirmative Action is applied to achieve a well diverse class that will enable students to become educationally and socially advanced, due to contributions of the different types /5(11).

Affirmative action in higher education essay
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